Oh Killstrike! #1 Not Quite a Parody


Remember 90s comics? I do – hoo boy, do I ever. I started reading comics in the 90s, back when grim and gritty antiheroes ruled the day, and everything had to be EXTREME!!! It has long been considered a dark time for comics, spoken of only in the harshest of terms, when fans even deign to speak of it at all.

Which is pretty much the attitude that Jared, the hapless hero of Oh Killstrike! #1 takes. Jared is a longtime comic fan and new dad who finds out that one of the quintessentially 90s comics that he owns is now worth big bucks (on account of almost everyone else throwing it out in disgust). So he goes off to his mom’s house to pick up the comic – and that’s when things get weird. As he’s looking through the comic, the “hero” of the book, Killstrike, emerges from its pages and into his mom’s attic. Naturally, Jared is more than a little freaked out by this development, and quickly retreats. But Killstrike, who needs to complete a mission of vengeance before he can return to his dimension, tracks him down.

I’m honestly not entirely sure what to make of this comic. It’s not an homage, but it’s not quite a parody, either. I didn’t exactly find myself roaring with laughter, but I at least chuckled appreciatively at some lines (like Killstrike asking why Jared’s wife doesn’t have enormous breasts). But it’s got a fun set up and, by the end of the issue, the plot is already starting to go in an interesting direction.

The biggest disappointment, for me, is the art. It’s not that the art is bad – it works perfectly fine. (Well, for the most part. I did, at first, find myself erroneously thinking that Killstrike was wearing a beret.) Namely, they’ve gone with a humor comic art style. I can’t argue too much with this – this is definitely a humor comic. But I was really hoping to see an imitation or parody of that overblown 90s style. A couple of the variant covers (the ones by Kris Anka and David Lafuente) actually look a lot closer to what I hoped to find in this book. Like I said, though, there’s nothing actually wrong with the art in this comic – this is just a matter of my own personal preference.

If you have a bit of nostalgic love for 90s comics, or just like odd couple-esque comedies, this might be the comic for you. I’ll certainly be interested to see where things go with this comic in coming issues.

Oh Killstrike! #1 is out from BOOM! Comics


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