Catching up on Autumnlands:Tooth and Claw (#3-#5): Animals, Epic Battles, Mystery, and Adventure


Autumnlands finds the characters in a situation where magic, a coveted resource for the Seventeen Cities Above the Plain, is dwindling and the wizards are desperate. A meeting is convened on one of the cities, Keneil. A solution in bringing forth a champion is brought up but it not without doubt; bringing forth a champion requires tremendous amounts of magical energy and control.

In the midst of this magical debate,the citizens of Keneil go about their magic-less lives, including a young boy named Dunstan who is about to learn the trade of this father.

Autumnlands is an epic fantasy story spread across through comic issues. This alone makes it a very rare gem to find upon the shelves populated by superheros and dark stories. Even more rare is that this is a story with anthropomorphic characters drawn and illustrated in stunning detail.

Animals, rich story, epic battles, blood shed, mystery, and adventure. Autumnlands is the comic series to read.

Which I started reading way back in December and could barely hold my excitement when I wrote the review. So what happened? The title of the series changed from “Tooth and Claw” to “The Autumnlands:Tooth and Claw” tricking me to think that  “The Autumnlands:Tooth and Claw” was a spin off so I kept waiting…and waiting. Silly me. The title was changed due to copyright reasons. The creator hadn’t realized that someone else (in Image!) had already claimed  that title earlier and was still creating content under that title. So the comic series is now titled “The Autumanlands:Tooth and Claw“. Reprintings of the issues will or have already reflected this change.

So begins the scrambling to read the issues until I’m caught up. As a fun little adventure, each reading of the issue is summarized below. This is pretty much an ongoing post on reactions and thoughts to it.

The Autumlands:Tooth and Claw #3TheAutumnlands03_CoverA

Due to the wizards need for more power, their actions caused the city to crash to the ground where they are immediately attacked by the bison tribe.The arrival of the champion, a human, successfully deflects away the attack and the city dwellers are able to survive the night. This gives everyone a chance to breathe, look around, and ask questions. Or point fingers.

The human is  Learrod Stevens. Master Sergent of the Coalition Forces. With the insert of a page from a book titled “Battle of War.” it its questionable whether is he is real or fictional character. Either way, acclimating to being surround by animals acting like humans becomes too much and he decides to take his space, leaving the city dwellers to ponder their next move. Even with this city-wide catastrophe,there is a still a need for power struggle. This leaves a great opening for a new stranger, a fast talking fox named Goodfoot the trader. The group splits off to those who salvage for survival and those who defend the city.

The young, now orphaned boy named Dunstan and his friends are quick to spot that Goodfoot is not all up to good. There is more to her underhanded way of collecting future payments for her services. She has a darker plan underway. Seriously, look at the cover! Would you trust that sassy face?! No!

The Autumnlands:Tooth and Claw # 4TheAutumnlands04_CoverA

Pretty much every person except for Dunstan and the other non-magical beings have ulterior motives.

As suspected, Goodfoot is playing both sides. Dropping slick lies and quick hands to make a profit. The champion, Learoyd either has a plan afoot or is setting up to kill them all. Which I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. He was plucked away from his life and possibly his family (not sure if they are still alive since it was a silent flashback) and charged with saving a whole group of animals that act like humans. There is nothing holding him to this group. No one has told him how he could back or if he can get back. From the first second, it was just pure stabbings and violence. Other than this being an unknown world. he could easily just walk away. Or sit away in the magical moving chair (that seems to make creepy sounds in my head as it walks).

Other than the bloody fights against the bats,this issue was pretty quiet. Lots of whispering, eye glancing, and plan-making. Could the bats be aligned with the bison tribe? Who really believes the bison tribe to be the ultimate villains?From the few glances, they seem to be a quiet community content with living peacefully. They were just severely short-changed by the people of the floating city. If I was cheated like the bisons were, I would also harbor some violence thoughts. It’s just that the bison can act on it. Oh, you stupid city dwellers, it was easy to stick your tongue out when you were  high in the sky. Now you’re on land. With no magic.

The Autumlands:Tooth and Claw #5ToothandClaw05_CoverA

Sandhorst is a high class  a$$hole, which surprises no one. The coucilman eagerly hoards not only material supplies and whatever magical-infused items left, but he also hoards power. The city is in shambles around him,the people are frightened, and he insists on dominating over all. Including arresting Lady Gharta and her companion. No one apparently cares anymore about the champion. The supposed person who was to bring back all the magic, the reason why the city fell into the ground. These people handle utter disappointment very well.

This Sandhorst character is a hoot (tee hee). He has no long term plan of action. He holds power by the thinnest of threads. Other than fearing the unknown and complete lack of survival skills, nothing is holding the people to him. It also makes me wonder what about the other floating cities. Why have they not come to send aid? Are they in trouble too?

With his high tech computer glasses, Learoyd has been creating explosives. The mystery surrounding this man just deepens. From these small clues, technology is advanced in his home world and he is trained military man. He can also deflect powerful magic as if it’s a fly and he’s acclimating pretty darn well to everything. Several possibilities run through my mind: he’s a mad mad, he has nothing left to lose but to help out strange people, or he’s not a good guy himself. He could be elimting obstables so he can take control. He can fight, deflect magic, and has high tech goggles. He can easily take over.

The issue concludes with the silent progression of the bisons hiding at the parley place. A violent ambush awaits.

So the scramble to catch up as been concluded. Now I am eagerly waiting for the next installment of this epic fantasy series. Questions need to be answered, the book inserts need to be explained, oh my goodness the anticipation. The question pages at the end of the issues are fun to read through and are barely enough to curb my enthusiasm.

The sixth issue will be coming up in June. Until then, catch issues #1-#5 of Autumlands:Tooth and Claw at your local comic book retailer. Also, I highly recommend making this part of your pull list.


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