In the Treetops World Premiere at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival


Written and Directed by Matthew Brown
Starring Emma Corley Geer, Matthew Brown, Cameron Morton, Joshua Pagan, Gabriel Douglas

Premieres  Sunday,June 14, 2015 at 6:45 PM

William, Alissa, Gary and Eric are close friends at different stages in their high school careers, but the social playing field levels out when they all pack into William’s hand me down car on a cold winter’s night. Their common goal: avoid going home. When a party is busted, the group picks up Alexa, William’s dream girl who joins their road trip to nowhere. As the sun rises and potential transgressions are illuminated, this ragtag group finds their friendships tested.

From first time writer/director Matthew Brown, comes a nuanced portrait of in-betweeners doing their best to avoid the life they are living, while trying to find the life they want. A film full of beautifully naturalistic performances from its ensemble of newcomers, all of whom were students with Brown at North Carolina School of the Arts, IN THE TREETOPS in a very personal story of being alone, together.

IN THE TREETOPS stars Emma Corley Geer, Matthew Brown, Cameron Morton, Joshua Pagan and Gabriel Douglas. Written, directed and produced by Matthew Brown. Cinematography by Donald Monroe and editing by Max Wilde.



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