The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #3 Turns Sabrina The Teenage Witch into a Pulp fiction, Macabre, Horror comic


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #3For those of us who grew up in the 90’s, when we hear Sabrina The Teenage Witch, we automatically think of screen icon Melissa Joan Hart. Now take that wonderful sweet show, strip it clean of its saccharine layers, and expose its shiny horrific core. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina takes the familiar elements of that show and expands it into a pulp fiction, macabre galore, horror comic.

(Reviews of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1 and #2 can be found here).

By this third issue, Sabrina has been growing more comfortable in her role as a teenage witch and she can focus on her high school  Her bewitched boyfriend, Harvey, is in love with her. Both Sabrina and Harvey are up for the lead role in the school play, “Bye,Bye Birdie“. At the same time she is preparing for her ceremony as a young witch to be presented to the devil, complete with blood sacrifice and other rituals. Typical high school stuff.

Still hell-bent on getting revenge, Madame Satan has infiltrated herself as one of the teachers at Sabrina’s school. She uses a crow familiar to bide her time and study her target. Given how she’s drawn and what she’s doing, she’s planning on using her smexiness as a weapon. Imagine being the poor schmuck that tries to kiss her and sees those skulls for pupils. Yeesh.

The third issue was pretty toned down on the macabre and violent stuff. It did amp up all the idea of sex and witches. It would have not been surprising if the ritual involved a sexual act with the devil. Instead, a witch is forbidden to engage in any sexual activities prior to the ritual. She is essentially presented to the Devil pure and willing to be his servant. This is a fascinating spin on this. There is a history of free-will behind the witches that actually adds a pretty neat level of dedicated horror.These witches were not coerced, not blinded by sexual acts, or threatened. Every step of the way, they are given the free choice to become who they are. That ritual dress from the television show looks a tad bit different now.

This free-will aspect must only extend to witches since they did not give the same respect to Sabrina’s poor mother. I suppose witches view themselves on a whole other plane to even think about the welfare of lowly humans.

It also makes me wonder, what does a maiden of Satan do? Are they further vessels in bringing havoc and chaos upon earth? Where does Madame Satan fit in all of this? Renegade enemy? Plaything of the Devil?

There is an additional back story on Madame Satan drawn in the style of the retro comics. It further proves that Madame Satan loves using her female wiles to mess with men. This does not bode well for Harvey and Sabrina. Or rather, can Sabrina’s spell on Harvey be strong enough to handle it?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #3 is available at your local comic book retailer. Just a word of advice,I’ve been to several local comic stores and the comic is barely able to stay on the shelves that long. It is that much of a hot commodity. I highly recommend making this a pull list item.






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