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When I was younger, I hated being dragged to the grocery store until one day I stumbled across Archie Comics. While, Archie has great single story comics like Life with Archie, Archie vs Predator, Josie and the Pussycats, they are one of the few that actually publishes a few different books of collection stories through the month. These stories are light-hearted, entertainment that will have you flipping through the pages as you relax.

download (1)Archie & Friends: When I Grow Up

This was the first time I have ever seen all the collections surround one concept and I have to say I am a fan. I have always loved the ability Archie Comics have to connect with all different age groups. In this series we see the gang, their usual high school selves, thinking about their future and career goals. This was such a great idea, especially with graduation happening all over and students get ready to make changes. High school students get a lot of pressure to think about the future, but this gave a nice relaxing spin to the stress that everyone is feeling. Not to mention, it is always nice for a quick reminder that you are not alone. It was interesting to read this after being through Life with Archie which takes us on Archie’s life as an adult.

My favorite story of the collection was towards the end, when Mr. Weatherbee and Mrs. Grundy seek help from a fortune teller about the future of their school, only to find out the new principal is Archie. It made me tear up a little as Mr. Weatherbee realized that he was getting through to the red-headed trouble maker that pushes his buttons. As well, laugh and sigh as Archie comics once again lured us into the trap of “Who does Archie end up with?” Why do I keep falling for it? Because it’s the same reason I keep coming back, Archie Comics is down right addicting.


ArchieComicsSpectacular_RockOn-0Archie Comic Spectacular: Rock On!

One of on going plot lines with Archie and his friends, are that they are in a band together called The Archie’s. This collection of stories, was all about music and mostly featured on The Archie’s. However, it wouldn’t complete if they didn’t spend some time on the lovely Josie and the Pussycats. While this collection wasn’t as enjoyable as the earlier one, I still loved getting a chance to see more of what makes up The Archie’s. There wasn’t anything that really stood out and a few stories I just thought were not necessary at all; like Betty explaining her charm bracelet.




These two Archie comics are on sale now.


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