New Show Previews for Fall: The CW Network


I have a love hate relationship with summer. As summer approaches, our favorite shows start to wrap up and I start going through the shows that didn’t make it. Some of the shows had a good run, while others were doomed from the start. Then you have the random mix of shows, just never getting a chance before the ax. While I hate to say goodbye to anything I invested time in, I do love to say hello to the new shows that will be appearing in the fall. Here is a few of the previews that are already out and about.

Legends of Tomorrow:

Arrow and Flash are thriving heading into another season, as support for comics and the heroes/villains that come with them rocket. So it is no surprise that The CW would jump on another chance to bring the fans what they want, ANOTHER DC SHOW! I’m a little nervous because when we keep repeating things, they start to get tired. Flash had a rocky start, but it was the way they contrasted off of Arrows darkness with their light, younger side that won the fans over. For Legends of Tomorrow to succeed, they need to find their own balance. Slipping into the shadow of the shows that started the cast, might lead them to an early death.

HOWEVER, the cast is so strong in the original shows, that I only have high hopes for what they can do with the spin-off. Also, WHOOOOOOOO for the return of Caity Lotz, White Canary (the real Black Canary on Arrow). If I wasn’t watching it for her, I would totally be watching it for Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill, best known as Rory Williams.  While, I am watching it for more than just those two, I have to wonder. If all side characters that we loved from Flash and Arrow get their own show, where will that leave Arrow and Flash?

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend:

WHAT IS GOING ON!?! I am a huge fan of The CW Network and there has been very little, like two, shows that I just haven’t had the heart to watch. Not to mention, I am always down for anything that adds a little song and dance. However, the trailer alone makes me feel so uncomfortable, I just do not know if I will be able to sit through the episodes. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching people make a fool of themselves, but it is a fine line. Even New Girl at times, crosses it and just falls flat.

I will give this show a chance, but I do not seeing it go past 6 episodes, let alone get a second season.



DEAR CUPCAKE! That turned scary really fast. First, thank god it’s not a zombie show. The whole time, I was waiting for zombies and I just am glad that it wasn’t the case. CW is doing such a great job with IZombie, I’d hate to see it have such a contrasting competitor.

With that said, I don’t know how I feel about this one. CW is no beginner to tackling dark shows, but I would say this would be their first really dark show. Not to mention, I do not see a lot of their demographic wanting to watch this on their free nights. I will watch the pilot, because I want answers, but I don’t think Containment will last long on my weekly watch list. I would say this isn’t going to make it, but I thought the same thing about The 100 and I was really wrong there. In the last few years, TV has seen a climbing spike in darker shows, so who knows maybe this will be the new CW hit. (I doubt it!)


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