Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #6


ToothandClaw06_CoverAThe greed for magic has caused a floating city to crash down resulting in tantamount losses of lives. The goal to summon a Champion did succeed but at a much greater cost to innocents. As they stand stranded upon the ground, they become easy targets for the Bison targets, a group long abused and manipulated by the Floating city dwellers. Only the Champion stands as their best chance of survival. Except that an ambitious official named Sandhorst aims to be the hero. No matter what.

Review of the previous issues can be found here.

Goodfoot plays both side as she sets up a parley between the Champion and the Bison tribe leader. No big surprise that the Bison tribe aim to hide in the cliffs and ready for an ambush. Unbeknownst to the tribe, the Champion has plans of his own. What a devious human.

Just as everything is culminating into an epic battle, a fiery storm adding even more tension and room for error. Both sides of the battle had their great plan backfire, all for various reasons.

The Bison tribe garnered immediate sympathy from the first issue. They were pretty much looked down upon as just lowly workers mining for gems. Once the  Floating city dwellers, crashed down, the Bisons were the one looking down. With so much brute force towering above the citizens, there was not much hope in their survival. If the spell for the Champion was unsuccessful,  I wonder how far would the tribe have gone to correct previous grievances. Would they have slaughtered every single citizen and live their lives in peace? What exactly ties them to floating city? Do the magic users instill a sense of fear? As the story progressed, the sympathy edged away into a sort of sad pity. So far, they are portrayed as a simple,close nit tribe easily swayed by a silvery tongue. The results of their plan was pretty devastating but it didn’t garner much sympathy. For the leader to call the Champion a coward for not facing an army is pretty much call the kettle black. Hiding an ambush to attack one much smaller creature is pretty cowardly too.

Good ol’ Sandhorst. Wouldn’t be a story without him causing more mayhem and annoyance. How can these people follow such a wretched of a character. In full view of everyone, he pulled off a douche move. All for the sake of appearances.

The first story arc of the comic concludes with the arrival of one of the floating cities (Ahhh, there they are). The location of the Champion and Dustin are unknown. The Bison tribe is royally pissed and valuable resource is now cut off from the floating cities.This will probably result in even more tension and need for magic. So many questions that still need answers.

Even though his plan to save the citizens worked, all of the Champions effort seems to be for naught. Even at the great cost to the city. his worth is pretty low. Only a few stand alongside him to fight and only a young pup dives in to rescue. Wherever the Champion ends up, it would be really surprising if he still helped out the floating cities.

Six issues over and the question arises:would I still follow this series? Of course. Absolutely. All the words for the affirmative. Autumnlands is an epic story worth following. The characters and the world building by Kurt Busieck is solid. Plus. I just love his little bear icon in the fan mail pages in the end. Something about his writing just makes me smiles.The art by Benjamin Dewey is ridiculously fantastic. His style will be what I can detailed with clarity. Every single page of Autumanlands is full of details, movement, and depth but it is clear. It is easy to see what is going on. Nothing about the art burdens the eye with weirdness or confusion

If you can’t get enough Dewey’s art and you’re into dark humor, then check out his tumbler feed for “The tragedy Series”. Prepare to waste a few minutes scrolling on through while giggling and smirking. The series has also just been released in collected form which can be found here.

This has been a really great comic adventure. A curious glance at the cover, a spur of the moment purchase has created an avid fan. I am already eagerly waiting for the next story arc!


Autumnlands:Tooth and Claw #6 is available at your local comic book retailer.




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