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In a Steampunk alternate universe, Red Sonja is the pirate of her own ship. trading the chain mail bikini bottom for some leather pants, she still carries the same red hair and chain mail bikini top. A sudden friendship leads to a rescue mission of a scientist aboard a mad scientists submarine. Which quickly becomes a hostage situation and the plan changes to escape.

In writing it reads like so much fun. Why did it go so wrong?

During the last issue, Red Sonja was stuck in the middle of an ocean surrounded by sharks. As the train of cliches chugs along, she is suddenly rescued by the re-animated Captain Nemo. Who has a sudden change of heart and decides to help her. They decide to take on Viktor but quickly become outnumbered and run for their lives again. So essentially nothing really happened, except to further my disappointment.

My expectations may have been too high when first reading this comic. Steampunk usually equates to something clever, a new spin on an old thing, or just fantastical. The only new spin was just adding pants on her. This Legenderry Series was just a comic with a nod to Pulp Fiction Horror elements primarily re-animated corpses. In hindsight, this should have been read with the intent of just entertainment.

Or maybe I wouldn’t have been so disappointment if the amazing covers were a reflection of what was going on between the pages. The cover depicts a strong, action driven, take-no-prisoners type of Red Sonja. By the end of issue 4, it’s just a sassy female with quick wit.

The story goes nowhere, answers no question, or even really addresses anything. It just sputtered to a mess in this issue. Since this issue does continue on, I’m assuming another main lead of a character will shoulder the burden of the story. As of these four issues, it’s over for me to invest my energy into it. There was nothing enjoyable about the last three issues. The first issue did a great job of getting me hyped then burned all that enthusiasm away at the second issue. It’s a pretty list of grievances but essentially this version of Red Sonja did nothing for me. Having it tagged with the idea of Steampunk bugs me too.

Final reaction: Haggard Sigh.

Legenderry Red Sonja #4 is available at your local comic book retailer.



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