Stitchers Pilot: Surprisingly Good


Stitchers HeaderI was dreading Stitchers from all the previews I had seen. I wasn’t sure what was exactly going on, but I knew it didn’t look like something I would enjoy. However, I buckled down and I started to watch it. At first I thought my fears were coming true, as it gets off to a rocky start. I know everyone likes to start off with a big bang that leaves the viewers wondering what is going on, but most shows miss the mark which leads to just utter confusion. Stitchers, started off the same way but quickly picked up once we got to meet the rest of the cast.

ABC Family’s new show, Stitchers follows Kristen (Emma Ishta), as she suffers from a rare condition called Temporal Dysplasia. Apparently, she does not have any sense of time. However, I feel like emotionless should also be added in there, because I get the vibe she is supposed to be super awkward with people, but I don’t think not having a sense of time will do that to you. She gets recruited for a underground, secret government agency where they “stitch” a live conscious into the mind of a recently deceased person. The point is to get to their memories and solve the murder.

The idea might seem a little far fetched and I’m still not exactly sure how this is even plausible, but the concept is interesting. Where the pilot finally got interesting and I didn’t feel bored out of my mind, was when the two main boys were introduced. Both of their characters are full of life, which makes sense because Kristen is like a dead, emotionless fish. However, towards the end Kristen livens up a little and I loved seeing the “I do what I want” attitude. Let’s not forget the best part; the connection between her and Cameron (Kyle Harris). This to me is what makes the show and has me wanting to come back.

I really don’t think this show is going to make it far, perhaps two seasons if they push it, but for now I’m still floating around to see what else this show might bring to the table.




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