‘Spy’ is Glorious One-Liners and Jam-Packed Action


Spy Movie (1)Move over Bond, there is a new secret agent that is kicking ass and taking names. Who might this voluptuous, ball-breaking, word slinging agent be? Well she is no other than Susan Cooper, played by Melissa McCarthy, in the new movie Spy. It hits theaters June 5. Once again the amazing team Melissa McCarthy and writer/director Paul Feig have come together to create what I can only deem as a masterpiece. Not only are some of the characters just crazily perfect, but the message it sends leaves you wanting to watch it again and again.

There were a few moments that were not needed, like the bats or the weird gadgets Agent Cooper is handed before her first mission. These side bits, were not necessary because the humor was already brought by actors Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne, Miranda Hart, and Allison Janney. The way the characters fed off each other, as well as shined on their own is what made this movie perfect. It also never hurts, to throw in some Jude Law and those dreamy eyes.

Without giving anything away, Spy follows Susan Cooper, a deskbound CIA analyst who is behind most of the Agency’s most dangerous missions. She is the voice that guides Bradley Fine (Jude Law) to safety, all while sitting in a run down, rodent infested basement. When a mission goes wrong, Agent Cooper finally gets her chance to show the world, that she can be more then just a pretty voice in a ear piece.

At first I thought this movie was going to be a lot like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, where they played a lot on his weight getting in his way of being a good cop. However, this movie did the exact opposite and for that I have to scream my praise. This movie did a great job in showing the conflict that many plus size people face on a regular bases, such as being instantly passed on situations because other’s assume weight will hold the person back. McCarthy didn’t only look amazing, no matter how hard the CIA tried to make her appear invisible, but she also was just a phenomenal agent. Time over time she proved that she was just as good, if not better than all the other agents who were fit and slim.

I do not know who is to credit for the one liners that are constantly spewing from McCarthy’s lips throughout the movie, but whoever is the genius behind them; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! The words that came out of her mouth so effortlessly were so perfectly placed at times, I didn’t know to laugh or clap. It was this turn in the character, Susan Cooper, that really started to make this movie come alive and grab my attention.

While Melissa McCarthy shined, this movie wouldn’t be half as amazing without Rose Byrne and Jason Statham. Rose Byrne, plays villain Rayna Boyanov, an heiress who pulls no punches and dresses to be noticed. To Rayna, status is everything and it is easily shown through her emotionless dings she sends towards Agent Cooper. I know we are not supposed to root for the bad guys, but how can you not love someone who is just so ruthless without even trying. The way she so effortlessly hurled insults in her monotone voice made me tear up from laughing so hard. As we packed up to leave, I couldn’t help but state, “I NEED MORE OF HER!”

Jason Statham stole the movie as he played Rick Ford, a secret agent who has “done it all.” I knew I was in love with him the moment he started to run through his credentials and explain why he  is the only agent equipped to do Agent Cooper’s assignment. Every time he popped up, you couldn’t help but get ready for the chaos he would bring with him. The things he would say, just left me speechless, laughing, and shaking my head. Once again, the brain behind the dialog for the characters was just spot on.

I could rant and rave all night about this movie, because it really is that awesome. However, why tell you everything when I already know your marking it on your calendar as a must see this summer.



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