The Shark Conservation Documentary “Extinction Soup” Released on World Oceans Day


Extinction Soup, a conservation documentary investigating the slaughter of more than one hundred million sharks a year launches on June 8, World Oceans Day. It documents the work Stefanie Brendl is doing to save one of the world’s keystone species, looking at her efforts to pass legislation that will cut down on the eating of the titular “extinction soup”: shark fin soup.

Extinction Soup Screen Shot

From the press release:

Los Angeles, CA – June 5, 2015 – The hard hitting shark conservation documentary, “Extinction Soup,” will be released on June 8, World Oceans Day. Directed by Philip Waller, the film will be available to audiences on multiple platforms, including the Fusion network, video-on-demand (VOD), and in theaters via Tugg. The film documents the efforts of conservationist Stefanie Brendl as she fights to educate lawmakers and help pass groundbreaking legislation that will curb the consumption of shark fin soup, considered a delicacy in many Eastern cultures, and the impetus behind an estimated 100 million sharks being killed per year.

Fusion will air the documentary at 9:30PM ET on June 8, World Ocean’s Day, while Something Kreative Studios will distribute the film on VOD platforms, and TUGG is set to distribute it on-demand in theaters. The film is currently available for iTunes pre-order at:

Fusion will also air a new PSA that ties in with the film, featuring activist celebrities Jorja Fox, Dean Cain, Kelly Hu, Clifton Collins Jr., Shiloh Fernandez, and Renny Harlin speaking out against the slaughter of sharks.

The documentary raised financing through crowd funding service IndieGogo as well as with the help of passionate celebrities like Jorja Fox (NCIS), Travis Aaron Wade (Supernatural), Jorge Garcia (Lost), and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). The film was directed by Philip Waller, Produced by Sidney Sherman, Jorge Garcia, David Irvin and Executive Produced by Stefanie Brendl. Lisa Lapan and Geoff Clark of Something Kreative negotiated the deals for all platforms and territories.


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