“Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method”- Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 8


“In London Town, we all fell down and Castor woke from Slumber…”

As always this review is chock full of more spoilers than DYAD, so tread with caution.



Delphine gets her nails done at a Canadian salon, all the while listening to a bubbly blonde describe her terrible ordeal with two twins. The camera pulls back to reveal this is Crystal; another of the Leda Clones. She is overly talkative, but gives one hell of a manicure. After Delphine leaves the salon, she talks to Dr. Neelan and tells him that Rachel is a liability and must be done away with when her usefulness runs out. She also feels Crystal is naive enough not to continue looking into her attack by two twins.

Here’s the part in the episode where I may have screamed and freaked out the neighbors. Remember Paul’s dramatic gesture to blow up the Castor labs? It didn’t quite work the way he wanted it to. Dr. Coady is still alive and in Mexico looking for Helena and Sarah. The creepy dude Paul talked to from a shady organization is also sitting with her and trying to find solutions. Dr. Coady is burned, but happy to put back a few shots of tequila and smoke her trademark cigarette.

Sarah checks in on Skype with Cosima and asks her about her medical scare from the end of last episode. Cosima says she’s fine and that Delphine’s European team is working on it. Sarah asks about her being at Shay’s house. Cosima says it’s a good thing and then turns it around on Sarah. Sarah still distracted by Beth and seems unable to shake her previous visions.

Allison and Felix convince Donnie to let Helena come live at the Hendrix House and work at Bubbles. We discover Gracie has already made this deal. Felix tells Donnie it is their turn to take care of the crazy.

Back in Shay’s apartment, Cosima discusses her near death experience at the end of Season 2. Shay tells her that sometimes there is something important enough to us that we fight our way back from death.

At the lab, Delphine tells Rachel it’s a shame she is improving. Rachel has an eyepatch now and red lipstick, looking again like the proper villain. After Delphine leaves, Scott and Rachel Skype in Sarah. They ask she get Rachel to a safe place in exchange for translating the genetics key from symbols in the special copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau. Rachel is pretty sure Delphine is going to “eliminate her” and wants out as quickly as possible.

At Mrs. S’s house, Gracie overhears Mrs. S, Sarah and Felix arguing over what it means to free Rachel. Mrs S. refers to the Castor Clones as “May Flies,” indicating she believes the survivors are not long for this world. Gracie asks if Mrs. S thinks Mark, Gracie’s husband, is also a May Fly and likely to die.

Cosima introduces Shay to Scott and jokingly tells Shay that Scott likes lesbians. Flustered, Scott asks Shay if he can sequence her genome. She says no, and that she doesn’t want a corporation holding onto that information. The fun gets broken up with Delphine enters the room. Shay leaves and Delphine tells Cosima that her concerns have nothing to do with jealousy. After all, per Cosima she is French and the French “enjoy lovers.” However, Delphine has very bad news, letting Cosima know that the European sequencing team was unable to find another option and the only safe bet is to do another stem cell treatment with Kira.

At Bubbles, Gracie starts her first day and Helena hits on Donnie by calling him a “baby ox.” The flirtation is hilarious, but knowing Helena you wonder who she is going to kill to make Donnie happy. While Gracie and Helena discuss the loss of Gracie’s baby and being an Auntie to Helena’s baby, Donnie confronts Allison about the Jason kiss. While the kiss wasn’t exactly on Allison’s lips (Cosima took that one), Donnie is of course unhappy that Jason would make a pass at his wife. Allison tells him she will clear it up ASAP.

To help sneak Rachel out of the country, Sarah and Felix go back to the salon to get Crystal’s wallet to steal her identity. This is difficult as Crystal suspects things are amiss after her Castor incident. We see Felix lose it a little bit because he feels so bad taking this girl’s identity. He almost caves and tells her what is happening, but in the process of stealing her wallet discovers the fact she’s been researching the Castors.

Scott returns home and one of the Castor clones is holding his kitty against it’s will. THIS IS NOT OKAY. To quote Felix, “What kind of Monster threatens a man’s cat?!” The Clone comments on Scott’s extensive Sci-Fi collection (note the gratuitous Peter Capaldi Doctor Who poster on the wall in every scene this week in Scott’s apartment). The Clone wants The Island of Doctor Moreau, and he’s willing to kill to get it. Scott, of course, cages.



We return to Delphine talking to Cosima about the lack of treatment options and Scott calls to say the book has been taken from him. Delphine is furious and the two end up telling her there is no copy. Delphine is hurt they hid it from her.

Allison confronts Jason about the kiss. He kisses her again. She stops him and says she’s married. He says he’s safe and no one has to know. Allison kicks him out and returns home. Donnie asks her how it went and she brushes him off saying it’s all fine. She goes to attend to Helena and Gracie’s sleeping needs, leaving Donnie to finish bagging pills.

At Mrs. S’s house, Scott’s buddy comes by with a package. Of course Scott and Cosima made an extra copy of the coded book; neither is that stupid. At DYAD Labs, the security guard, and Scott’s game buddy, help Scott sneak Rachel out of DYAD and to Mrs S’s home. They begin to translate and figure out something about an original clone, London and a number that looks oddly like a postal code.

Jason Kellerman (JUSTIN CHATWIN) and Donnie (KRISTIAN BRUUN)

Jason Kellerman (JUSTIN CHATWIN) and Donnie (KRISTIAN BRUUN)

Donnie uses Allison phone to text Jason to get him to meet up at Bubbles in the storage room.  He confronts the drug dealer and tells him to back off from his wife. Jason tells him that he can have Allison any time he wants, as he owns them. Jason and Donnie slap fight. Jason ends up punching Donnie and leaving him unconscious on the storeroom floor.

Back at DYAD Cosima gives her resignation to Delphine, effective immediately. They share a super  intense emotional moment when Cosima tels Delphine about her near death experience and that the reason she came back from death was Delphine. Delphine tells Cosima she should have trusted her and tries to get her to stay as she will be unable to tell friend from foe when no longer working for DYAD.



Dr. Neeland and the Dyad crew barge in on Mrs. S’s home and confront the group mid-translation. Rachel has a seizure and is rushed away, while DYAD takes the copy of the book. Back at DYAD, we discover Delphine new about the copy all along and exactly where Rachel was. DYAD fires Scott and accepts Cosima’s resignation. She hands a file on Shay to Cosima before she leaves.

Mrs. S, Felix and Sarah agree to go to London based on what Rachel was able to translate from the book. Back at Dyad, we discover Dr. Neeland and his seizure patient may not be who we expect them to be.

Okay, enough of that predictable happy nonsense from last week. Orphan Black gave Clone Club a break and then hit us hard again. The twists and turns in this episode are fast and emotions are flying this way and that. From Delphine’s remarks we wonder who we can trust and what exactly peripheral characters may be hiding. Is Donnie and Allison’s marriage safe? Are Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S going on an ill-advised mission? What lipcolor is Rachel wearing and how the heck did she get it so perfectly matched while being in recuperation for so long? While this episode is easy to follow in process, it deserves another watch after the great reveal at the end.



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