21st Century Tank Girl #1


21st_Century_Tank_Girl_covers_v22_1.jpg.size-600Artist Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of Tank Girl with writer Alan Martin, is back after a 20 year hiatus to bring Tank Girl into the 21st Century. Hewlett, in addition to artists Brett Parson, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jonathan Edwards & Philip Bond join together with Martin at the helm for the first of three issues of 21st Century Tank Girl #1.

Where has Jamie Hewlett been all this time? Most notably he co-created Gorillaz, a virtual band with Damon Albarn. Martin, meanwhile, was working on a 2014 Kickstarter to bring Tank Girl back to life. Raising £174,130 of it’s £57,000 goal Martin was able to bring together something for the fans. Originally conceived as a hardback collection, which is currently available in December, Titan was be releasing as a 3 issue volume. Our first issue is a series of shorts within the world of tank girl. It’s likely the additional two issues will follow this pattern.

Much like Tank Girl the comic is chaotic – in a good way. Each short is almost like an episode into this new world, each as unique as the artist who designed it. Each wonderfully abrasive and unafraid to challenge authority and common decency. This is just as Tank Girl should be. While the world around her is volatile, she is carefree.

Despite it’s critical failure I often play the soundtrack to the 1995 film when reading this comic. Lori Petty is my Tank Girl and fits so perfectly with the dialogue by Martin. From fantastical missions into space to game show violence, this first issue of three has everything a fan of Tank Girl could want. There was a reason the Kickstarter was so successful – this is a comic funding by the fans for the fans – even the ones who like the film.

21st Century Tank Girl #1 is available June 10th 2015 from Titan Comics. Pre-order the complete collection here.


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