iZombie Season Finale: Blaine’s World


iZOMBIEOH MY GOD! That was the most amazing thing ever. The last few episodes had been getting tense and we knew something big was going to happen, but I didn’t even imagine that. *SPOILERS* The way that Major just kicks ass makes my heart jump for joy and fall even more in love. The cast/crew were on fire tonight and served up a flawless season finale.

I don’t even know where to begin and to break it all down. My heart still is pounding against my chest as I recall the last scene and the heart break in her eyes. I myself, in the last fifteen minutes have been on a crazy, emotional roller coaster. Between the shit going down with Major, the cure, Major and Liv, Liv and Blaine, and of course the most unexpected dilemma between Liv and her younger brother. I haven’t been this excited and chomping on the bit on a season finale in years.

iZombie packaged up the answers for this season in the neatest, blood red ribbon I have ever seen. I don’t want to give away all the spoilers, because you need to experience this ride for yourself.


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