Lantern City #2 – Tough Choices Ahead


Lantern City #2When we last left Sander Jorve in Lantern City he had killed an officer in self defense who was in the employ of Killian Grey – leader of the city. Sander donned his armor and with the urging of his wife and brother-in-law decided to infiltrate the world above as an imposter. Issue #2 brings Sander face to face with the men who have tortured him and his family for too long. With each step, each word he chooses he must be careful in the hope to return to the love of his wife and child.

Departing on a guard airship Sander tries to understand his surroundings and grasp the steps he has taken. Shuffled from plane to the The Six, the fortress for the enforcing hand, Sander is introduced with his first obstacle – an ID code tattooed he needs to be tattooed into his arm. With some quick thinking and sacrifice from the men around him he’s able to sever his arm in what he hopes will look like an accident. In the infirmary he encounters a friend and foe. Who can Sander trust? And what of his new identity as Captain Orlin – Can everyone be convinced?

Trevor Crafts, Matthew Daley & Bruce Boxleitner are looking to do so much more with Lantern City then has done before. Their goal, as outlined in the final pages of this issue is to create something by the fans for the fans. They want to give us this sprawling world fueled with the hope that we can return to those who we love and leave behind in the search for a better tomorrow. It leaves me wondering, will it all be too easy? So far Sander has had to be quick in his reaction to what’s going on around him. What happens when he has to play the long game? Thankfully, #2 does just that with it’s final page. I feel like Sander’s next choice may define this series going forward.

Are you interested in helping build this new world? Crafts & co want your help:

And so, to stay true to what has worked for us, we want to hear from you! Please send us your questions, comments, and thoughts to [email protected] and make sure you mark that it’s OK TO PRINT your letter so we can continue our conversation.

I’m still interested, excited, and committed. Are you? Lantern City #2 is out now from Boom! Studios/Archaia.



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