Ripper Street: Season 3 Comes to Blu-Ray and DVD June 23, 2015.


Ripper Street: Season 3 is headed your way on Blu-Ray and DVD June 23, 2015. For those who don’t follow the BBC show, here are the details:

Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen, MI-5) travels deep into the seedy criminal London underworld, hell-bent on taking back the blood-stained streets of Whitechapel. But Reid isn’t fighting this battle alone. He’s joined by Detective Inspector Bennet Drake (Jerome Flynn, Game of Thrones), a hard man who prefers to let his fists do the talking, Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg, Mad Money), a brash American with a voracious appetite for vice, and Long Susan (Myanna Buring, Twilight), a madam with shady secrets. The opening episode begins with a violent train heist that ignites a chain reaction of events that reverberates through the entire season. Season three of Ripper Street will air on BBC AMERICA beginning Wednesday, April 29, 10:00pm ET. *July 23 is US release only; Canadian release date is July 21



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