The Princess and the Fog: A Story for Children with Depression


The Princess and the Fog CoverABOUT DAMN TIME!! Many people will have their battle with depression in one way or another. Personally, I’ve dealt with depression ever since I was about eight, and it was a very tough battle. When I saw The Princess and the Fog, I couldn’t help but be torn between sorrow that this book wasn’t around when I needed it most and joy that someone was brave enough to jump outside the box of children books and to face an important issue head on.

The Princess and the Fog is written by Lloyd Jones and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. This story follows a princess who starts off happy and loving life, until the Fog roles in slowly. We start to witness the effects the Fog has on the princess, turning her happy life upside down. I think my favorite part about this book, wasn’t just bringing attention to the fact children battle depression as well, but that it helped deliver tools that could help parents and children understand how to cope with it.

This book in a sweet, fun, and entertaining way touched on all the topics that are related to depression. It dives into the fact that no one every really knows what causes depression. The overwhelming effects it has on not only the person dealing with it, but close family and friends as well. Lastly, it brushes on ways to battle depression and puts an importance on talking. A lot of children or adults who battle depression, feel completely alone and shut out from the world. It is hard at times to push past the Fog that surrounds us and realize we really are not alone. I loved that the “hero” of this book was a friend who just never gave up and opened the lines of communication.

This book needs to be in every school, therapist office, and library. I just can’t express enough how important it is to finally have a book that is easily relatable to all ages, while still shinning light on an important issue that continues to grow.¬†You can find this book available on June 21, 2015, or pre-order it from Amazon.


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