LA Cosplay Con 2015: Cosplayers Galore!


Celebrating its second year, LA Cosplay Con went off without a hitch last Saturday at Hyatt’s Century City Plaza. Many people joined the festivities dressed up to express and mingle. One thing about cosplay that I have always enjoyed, is everyone is so opening and welcoming to meeting new people. Can you imagine a convention where it is all cosplay people? IT IS AMAZING! The staff, guests, and attendees were beyond nice and supportive.

Besides the comradery that came with this convention, panels and guests were at an all time high. There were great panels that really spoke to a beginner cosplayer like myself. For examples they had: Cosplay & Design- From Hobby to Career (By 2015 Geekie Awards), Questions & Answers From Professional Cosplayers! (By Cosplay Initiative), and Choosing the right makeup for your costume (By Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab).  Then there was the Youtube panel that was packed full and left people raving about it for the rest of the day.

While LA Cosplay Convention ran smoothly and flawlessly, the real gems of the convention were the attendees and who they were dressed as. Here is a slideshow from the Cosplay Catwalk, as well as just randomly awesome characters!

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