Archie vs Predator: Unexpected Mashup!


Archie vs Predator #3 CoverI just finished catching up on Archie vs Predator in time to catch the last issue in July. I have always been a fan of mashups when it comes to music, but comics? And here Dark Horse Comics are throwing  two complete opposites together. In one corner you have the sweet, lovable Archie and his gang of friends. In Archie Comics you get a slice of the adventures these all-American teenagers face on a daily basis. In the other corner, you have a serial killing alien that has scared and delighted millions of fans. What could possible happen when you merge the two realms together? Refreshing genius.

With a catchy tag line like ” More Victims! More Mutilations! More Milkshakes!” How can you now just laugh, shake your head, and feel that bit of excitement take over you as you flip to the first page. Not to mention the short and simple recaps from the previous issue under the photos of Archie and Predator. Archie vs Predator is brought to you by Dark Horse Comics. The creative team is made up of  Alex de Campi (script), Fernando Ruiz (pencils), Rich Koslowski (inks), Jason Miller (colors),  and John Workman (letters). This group does an awesome job of merging the two together, while keeping the interrogatory of both. For example, you have the light and campy that makes Archie thrive but mixed with the blood and mayhem that Predator brings with him. You can’t lose with this comic!

One of the best parts about this comic and this is coming from someone who grew up on Archie and has never seen Predator. I love how everyone is dying. It is just so out of the realm of Archie to see these beloved characters ripped apart and tossed aside as if they were just extras. It is always nice and refreshing to see new sides and takes on characters we know very well. And in a world where comic story lines change quickly, its nice to see something be shaken up for the better.

Overall this four issue series is amazing and caught me by surprise. The writing fits perfectly through the art and plot, crafting a sense of chaotic adventure for what is left of Archie’s gang. Can the remaining crew group together and finally end the horror that Predator has brought with it, or will Riverside come crashing down in fire and utter destruction?

Archie Vs Predator #3 comes out today and catch the last installment in July.


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