Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Show


Everyone knows Hello Kitty. Everyone.

Hello Kitty is one of the most successful and viral form of marketing out there. Her simple design is one of the most recognized characters out there. You put whiskers and a red bow and her name comes to mind.

Other things you may have not known about Hello Kitty:

* Hello Kitty is a little girl in the 3rd grade (Everyone lost their mind last year and I was boggled. I always knew she was a little girl. There is a separate cat character who doesn’t talk..)

*She intentionally doesn’t have a mouth. This is so the person can project their feelings of happiness or sadness from her.

* She is all about friendship and communication

* Her first appearance was around the 70’s on a vinyl coin purse.

There is no core demographic that it is being aimed at. Only the product design. There are things that should be meant for children but are eagerly bought by adults to use (like stationary, or bags). For every item that exists, there will be a Hello Kitty version of it including her own airline company.

Hello Kitty is one of the most kawaii characters out there and she is beloved by all.  Fresh off the wild success of Hello Kitty con last year, Sanrio presented another way to get your Sanrio character fix. This time Hello Kitty and her friends on a rockstar tour all over the US titled the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship tour! This ridiculously happy reviewer (along with the cameraman) was able to attend the preview night on June 11 at the Forum in Inglewood.

This was an event catered to both children AND adults. There were adorable photo opportunities with bright colored backgrounds and props. Gigantic Hello Kitty sandals, giant tea cups were one of many props that people were clamoring to climb on and take photos.  Plenty of people were dressed up in pretty, themed frocks. Surprisingly the merchandise area was pretty paltry. Then again,the main focus of the event on the main stage where Hello Kitty and her friends would give a concert.

Oh yes, I was rocking out to Hello Kitty in a concert. Even with the saturated cuteness theme, the songs were terribly catchy. All around me, children and adults were singing along and dancing. Each of Sanrio characters (like Keroppi, Purin, and Melody) would also have the stage singing their own little bits that reflected their styles. Keroppi was boring. Melody was sweet and ballet like (too boring and sweet for me). Purin had the goofy music. Badtz-Maru and Chococat had one of the best music selections. Chococat (my favorite) had a great sleuth-themed song and even a Justin-Timberlake cover. Badz-Maru had one of the best duets involving a mohawk violinist and some dub step. Yeah this was a serious rock concert full of cuteness.  In addition, the dancers wore some of the cutest ensembles and I want to cove them all. Overall it had a very High School Musical energetic atmosphere (which I shamelessly love) with all the adorableness of Hello Kitty.

By the end of the event, I couldn’t stop grinning. This event was so full of energy, smiles, and cuteness that I felt like I was gonna explode. For anyone who loves Hello Kitty, this is definitely a great event to check out.

The next stop on the tour is San Diego June 20-June 21. Tickets and other tour information can be found on their website here.

A video of all the crazy fun I had is currently being edited. Once it’s done I will share  all the kawaii! Small gifts, big smile!!


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