‘Uprooted’ Optioned by Warner Bros


us-uprooted1-204x300Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are going to be good company for Uprooted by Naomi Novik. The recently released fantasy novel has been optioned by Warner Bros, per Naomi’s website.

Uprooted is the story of a young woman named Angieszka. She finds herself under the tutelage of an immortal wizard (and all around grump) named The Dragon. Angieszka quickly learns that the Dragon is not her greatest threat, but rather the creatures that have been living in the woods and slowly taking back the land of her people. She, The Dragon and others must team up to save the land she loves, even as many of them lack the courage.

It is too soon to have news on casting, production or release date, but we would love to extend our congratulations on Uprooted becoming a film.




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