Kate Leth and Matt Cummings ‘Power Up’ in New Original Series


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If you read BOOM! comics, you’ve likely seen Kate Leth’s work. She’s done Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time and Seeing Red. Likewise with Matt Cummings, who has also worked on Adventure Time. The two have teamed up for a whole new series. Here’s the word from BOOM!:

BOOM! Studios is delighted to announce the July debut of Power Up, a new limited series from New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth (Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time: Seeing Red) and artist Matt Cummings (Adventure Time). Combining a deep love of Sailor Moon with the tongue-in-cheek humor of Scott Pilgrim, Power Up is the story of the most unlikely people (and goldfish) taking on the role of Magical Girl, whether they want it or not.

“With a charming and hilarious cast of characters and a strong dose of positivity, Power Up exemplifies everything that the BOOM! Box imprint stands for,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “Kate and Matt have both been a part of the BOOM! family for some time now; they’re super talented and this original series is the perfect story for them to cut loose.”
It has been foretold that four noble warriors of incredible strength would be gifted with cosmic abilities at a moment of planetary alignment…which, yeah, something definitely went a little weird here. Amie is a disaffected twenty-something with a lot on her plate, Kevin is a washed-up athlete way past his prime, Sandy’s a mother of two teenagers, and Silas…is a goldfish. Just a normal goldfish. Are we sure we read that prophecy right?
Power Up comes to comic book store July 22nd.
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