“Wherever You Think the Science is at, We Guarantee You’re Wrong”- Orphan Black Season 3 Finale


This review is full of spoilers. It also reveals the current fates of many characters at the end of Season 3 of Orphan Black. Turn back if you are not yet prepared.

Alison Hendrix (TATIANA MASLANY)

Alison Hendrix (TATIANA MASLANY)


In a secret location, Rachel awakens in a quiet room from troubling dreams about her father and the life she had before. She also wakes to discover a note and a small mirror. Rachel removes the cotton over her eye wound to reveal a very creepy prosthetic eye.

Still reeling from last week’s reveal that the Leda/Castor source is in fact Mrs. S’s mother, Kendall Malone,  Felix and Sarah are back in Canada. Scott has created a clean room in a warehouse under the help of Art Bell in order to research Kendall’s DNA and try to find a cure for Cosima. Kendall is, of course, not wanting to do with any of it. Sarah questions why her parent genome looks nothing like her and Scott comments that because of the two strands of separate DNA code in her cells, Kendall’s appearance manifests differently.

Castor knows where Sarah is and they know she has the original. Rudy is set to go after the Leda clones and decides to target Allison, as she has made herself visible with her campaign.

While campaigning, Marcy Coates tries to shut down Allison with snark. Allison ignores her and keeps going.  Meanwhile, Donny has a surprise for Helena for all her help. In the driveway is Jesse, also known as Helena’s “boyfriend” from the bar back in Season 2.

Cosima goes to Shay’s to apologize for the impromptu Delphine torture. Shay is not taking having her life threatened by Delphine well, as Shay is a somewhat normal person. The two discuss the fact they each have secrets and Shay tells Cosima to get out.

Delphine is clearly worried about her safety. She pockets a gun and she prepares for a meeting with Ferdinand. Sarah and Delphine tell the truth that the last Rachel interaction Ferdinand had was in fact with Sarah. Ferdinand is the lesser of two evils when compared to Vanessa Coady, so they agree to deal for the safety of the project.

Cosima speaks with Kendall as she draws blood and thanks her for being the keeper of their genome and also in a way being their closest family outside of each other. During all this, Art tells Felix and Sarah where Gracie and Mark are holed up. Felix plays badass and kicks open the hotel door room. Mark and Gracie show their true love for each other and their fear of being ripped apart with what little time Mark has left. Mark agrees to help Sarah and Felix.

Kendall and Mrs. S speak as Mrs. S prepares a sulfuric acid bath for the DNA samples, just in case. She tells Kendall that she won’t hesitate to throw her own mother in the acid bath should Castor come calling. Kendall admits she was responsible for Mrs. S’ husband’s death and understands why her daughter would be gunning for her.



Delphine takes a look at “Rachel” only to have Crystal wakes up confused and ruin Dr. Neelan’s whole secret attempt at plan.

Rachel has crazy special vision, which she shows off in her hidden location by checking out Galapagos Finches that have been preserved. She can see very far and very clearly.

Helena and Jesse make out in the cab of his truck. Things get heated and Helena and Jesse get very close to having sex. She admits she’s never had sex, but has “science babies.” Helena’s phone rings and she has to run off. Jesse and she share a tender moment as they both agree they can wait for each other.

Castor Clone Rudy follows Allison’s campaign bus. Donnie let’s Sarah know what’s happening and Allison runs a “pit stop” at her house, letting Donnie drive off with the rest of the campaign supporters. Rudy follows Allison, but instead finds Helena in the garage, prepared to fight him with “prison rules.” She stabs him in the arm with a screwdriver and Rudy begins to glitch. She strokes his head as he dies and tells her that they are just alike in how they were raised.

Mark let’s Sarah beat him up so he can pretend to be Rudy and lead Coady to another location. At this location, Ferdinand is waiting. He shoots Coady’s driver.

Kendall Malone tells Mrs. S and Sarah that Duncan came to her to tell her what he had done. He complained that Neolution had poisoned the science, and even his own wife against him. Sarah was the one missing clone, hidden in foster care to keep her safe. She and Mrs. S were paired up intentionally as they were genetically close and Mrs. S could be trusted.

Delphine confronts Dr. Neelan regarding the Rachel swap. He admits he works for Neolution and that both the Castor and Leda projects have been infiltrated by folks who work for them. A bug thing ala Alien crawls out of his mouth and tries to attack Delphine. Delphine shoots Neelan. As he lays on the ground he tells her she has until dawn to live.

Delphine calls Sarah and warns her not to give any DNA samples to Ferdinand and that Neolution has infiltrated everything. Ferdinand proves to be an ally, and shoots his assistant who is a Neolution spy. It is implied that he uses that lovely sulfuric acid bath that Mrs. S so kindly prepared.

Ferdinand (JAMES FRAIN)

Ferdinand (JAMES FRAIN)

The clones have a big dinner together and await the election results.  Allison beats Marcy by 56 votes. The group gives a few speeches and Allison thanks her family. Delphine goes back to Shay, and gives her a business card with a code written on it. She tells her that Cosima has full permission to tell her anything. At the cutest clone dinner ever, Cosima gets a call and goes outside to see Delphine. Delphine kisses her and says she can’t stay. It seems oddly final.

In the next scene, we see Delphine cross a parking garage. She knows she is being followed. Delphine turns to speak to the other person and is shot. After the previous kiss scene and the fact that Delphine seems to truly be repentant for what she did to Shay, this becomes one of the hardest scenes to watch in the span of this show. The only other death that has been this hard is Paul from earlier this season.

We return to Rachel, who is still screaming and trying to figure out where she is. A small girl, Charlotte, comes to see her. Charlotte looks oddly like Rachel as a child. And then we see who opens the door. Rachel’s mother, Dr. Duncan is alive and well.

Kira and Sarah are reunited at the end of the episode, but with Delphine and Dr. Duncan, it’s very difficult to savor the sweet moment of Kira and her mother. This season finale was a difficult one. Season 3 of Orphan Black has been about loss, family, and fighting for what you believe in. I can’t wait to see what is genetically engineered for Season 4.


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