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Civil War Adventure Book One Cover

Good Golly Miss Molly was that a lot to take in. The reason why I even decided to check this book out was because,  I LOVE history. Not to mention Civil War is probably one of my favorite periods in American History. Just everything from politics, society, social norms, and tradition has always made that era stand out. Then add epic battles, heroic moments, and a war that was thought to last weeks ended years later. Civil War Adventure Book One does a great job in combining a wide range of stories that depict different aspects of the war.  As well as following a father and son, through the trials of becoming soldiers.

The awesome mix of writers and artists, create different stories that fill the pages. On one side you have smaller stories that give a quick glimpse, while other stories have time to develop.  It wasn’t until the bigger stories that I was pulled in and couldn’t put Civil War Adventure down. The first two stories, “A Choice of Targets” and “Home Again” were extremely dark to start off, and almost had me closing up and moving on. However, knowing a little more about the Civil War, I believe it was a true estimate to the reality of that time.

While it took me a little while to get into the book, the third story, “Mosby Bags a General”, had me raving to anyone who would listen how awesome this Mosby guy is. In this story we get to see the Confederate side pull the wools over the Union without a single shot fired.  While the story was quickly over, I was happy to see more of Mosby later on in another story. One of the most amazing things about this book, isn’t the stories but the pages between that are filled with riveting information that leads into the next story. It was here that I learned some amazing facts about General Mosby. For example, he was wounded SEVEN times and still made it through the war to befriend President Grant and inspire George Patten.  Again, MOSBY IS A BAD ASS!!

While I continue to fall deeper for General Mosby, he wasn’t the only amazing story Civil War Adventure Book One had to offer. Tempered in Blood is the first story with girth to it and follows father and son as they follow the beat of the drum to join the Union at the start of the war. I loved this story because it gave us a chance to not only see the bloody side to war, but the hardships of leaving home and being in an army. It was a sense of refreshing to see the boys complain about walking all day, or struggling with their overall change in life. In this story we leave the boys at the end of their first battle, but picks back up later in the book with part two. I really enjoyed part two more, just because of the topic of desertion.  Which, I have always found an interesting bit to the history of the Civil War. Did you know that “at any one time it is estimated that as many as 105,000 confederates and 278,000 federals were absent without leave” (Pg.131).  Then add the fact that deserters were usually killed publicly to discourage other’s from running.

This book is great for all ages and all levels to history lovers. Heck, I would even give this to young students to gather interest in subjects they were learning in school. Not only did this book excite and educate me, but it also pushed me towards diving deeper into individuals/stories I had never heard before.


Story: Chuck Dixon, Gary Kwapisz, and Eric Burnham

Artwork: Esteve Polls, Gary Kwapisz, Dave Rothe, Enrique Villagran, and Silvestre

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