The Mantle Issue #2


The Mantle Issue #2 Cover

When The Mantle issue #1 ended, I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt. Before I could even feel comfortable with my footing, my legs were cut from underneath me. Spiraling me into a whirl-spin of the unknown and leaving me utterly confused. Thank god for The Mantle issue #2 shinning some light and perspective.

We really haven’t learned anything new when it comes to The Mantle, except that this Plague guy is not kidding around. He really just wants to Hulk Smash like every Mantle from existence. This issue really focused around the new Mantle coming to terms and grasping reality. I did enjoy her shock and dismay, as she runs for the hospital in hopes of saving Robbie. Sadly, that really was my only favorite story part. There were a few other things that caught my attention, but this issue was very chaotic and left me a little lackluster.

I am digging the new character, not because he has any personable traits, but because CCVT is just overall interesting. This legless beast, chowing down on food has an attitude that is sure to throw in a few monkey wrenches. I feel like we are getting some great and not so good characters, but ultimately I’m not connected to them. There is no story or link that is connecting me and making me want to know more. They all just blend in and at times are forgettable.

However, the art and color completely blow my mind. By far the best art was the last few pages, as The Mantle travels to Purgatory with Necra. The colors and art was out of this world amazing. The way the pastels blended together to create a beautiful hue, made up for the characters development.

No matter what issues I might have with The Mantle, I can’t help but be addicted and pulled into the over all plot. I love where this is going and where it could possibly go. I love that The Mantle at the moment is female with some awesome, strong, female super warriors teamed up along side her.

The Mantle Issue #2

Writer/Letterer: Ed Brisson

Artist/Cover: Brian Level

Colors:  Jordan Boyd


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