Mistress of Death: NBC Cancel’s ‘Hannibal,’ Fannibal’s Begin Jokes About Eating NBC’s Executives


hannibal-show-headerWith a show as beautifully crafted, expensive and well thought out, it was only a matter of time before NBC was going to cancel a TV show about America’s favorite fictional cannibal. Per Deadline, Hannibal has been cancelled after 3 seasons on network television. And oh what Bryan Fuller, the show runner, was able to get away from. Whether it was from showing Eddie Izzard’s character slowly seeing his own limbs cooked and eaten by Hannibal, or some pretty vicious and bloody murder posed as everything from a mushroom farm to a tree complete with flowers and entrails, some weeks Hannibal pushed the boundaries almost to a breaking point.

Bryan Fuller was gracious with his reaction, choosing to praise NBC for the chance to make the show and praising Entertainment President Jen Salke for her guidance and the support of her team.  This won’t be the end for Fuller, as he is in the midst of pre-production for Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Still, the Fannibal reactions have been both funny and morbid. The MarySue.com joked that “Executive Brains are Tasty” and more than one tweet has offered up suggestions of fava beans and a nice Chianti. One cannot help but wonder if Will would say “this is my design,” about this nonsense.

No word yet if we will get a rescue from Netflix, or if Hannibal will suffer the same fate as Constantine and slowly fade away.



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