Review: Black Science #15 A False Sense of Security


Totally called it in my last review on Black Science #14. That was a completely false sense of security.

The characters in Black Science and the readers have been thrown about through time and space. They’ve seen murderous space creatures, watched their doppelgangers die in front of them, spent time running from danger, and it all seemed to culminate in this one destination.  Because of the Pillar, worlds have been contaminated by a virus. Whether opening dimensions is like opening a closed system allows viral agents to get in or if they themselves are viral pollinators, they pretty much screwed over dozens of worlds.

The portal device has been fixed but McKay decides to do a character change and right the wrongs. He leaves behind the opportunity to go home and his children by endangering his life to spread antibodies in the air. This quick decision leaves him vulnerable to those who see him (rightly) as a threat.

This all becomes a messed up risk-analysis situation. A flash back in the story reveals how Shawn was lured into McKay’s team by words of glory and rebellion. Even though Shawn has been working so hard to get to where he is, McKay demeans it with the question that is ever-so-present on college student minds: What’s the point of it all? With that decision Shawn did accomplish something great–and was put in the greatest peril of his life. Are the risks worth it? Is Rick risking his life to save a planet he doesn’t know worth it?

I can’t even process what happened at the end of the comic. It left me so shocked that I had to set it aside. There isn’t really a good way of exploring my thought without spoiling it but I will say this: As defensive moves go, that was a stupid and costly one.

Everything was so close. So close to being righted.

Black Science #15 is available now at your local comic book store retailer.




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