Review: Plants vs. Zombies: Bully For You #1 is Truly an All-Ages Comic


Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for You #1Plants vs. Zombies from Popcap Games is one of the most ridiculously fun tower defense games you can play on your cell phones and game consoles. To protect your house from the oncoming zombie hoard, your lawn becomes the battleground and last means of defense. Sunflowers grow energy allowing you to create other flowers that shoot, punch, explode, spawn. and other crazy tactics. Personally, I am a huge sucker for this game. Heck I got excited when I saw the Plants vs Zombies slot machine in Vegas.

The game has also branched out into comics. Crossovers can be, well, treacherous, so my breath was held  when I first started reading the comic. A breathe which was immediately expelled out in a giggle. It’s just as sillier if not sillier, than the game. The comic expands on the loony dimensions of a world where zombies can have their own universities and take part time jobs.

Big-headed Zomboss is particularly annoying even for a zombie. His antics and behavior greatly remind me of Invader Zim. He’s full of lofty ambitions with a great sense of obliviousness. He has a plan to manipulate the humans for world domination!

Dave, with the saucer pot for a hat, is still gurgling away nonsense. We have his niece, Patrice, and her friend, Nate, to lead us on adventure. Although two eleven-year-old children and a crazy man is not much of a defense for humanity.

The comic starts off much like the game. Patrice and Nate are preparing for a zombie attack. Thanks to a new invention from Uncle Dave, they are able to view the incoming zombies. Meanwhile, Zomboss is skipping around town, creating petty chaos all the while he is preparing for his grand scheme. Right when a showdown begins, a new group of zombies emerge, against Zomboss!

The comic is written by Paul Tobin. This is my first sampling of his work so I didn’t know what to expect. By the end of the issue, I was completely entertained. There were so many side humor panels that it became a game in itself to hunt them down. Tobin did a great job of balancing the absurdity of the “canon” of Plants vs. Zombies and create this fun little story.  The energy from his writing is pretty constant after browsing through his website. I am definitely interested in checking out Bandette–all the more so as it’s been nominated for an Eisner award.

Matching the energy of the writing is the bright coloring and style. The coloring is done by Matthew J. Rainwater and the art is drawn by Ron Chan. Ron Chan’s website has been another great delight to explore. Much of his fan art encourages me to check out the source material.

This is truly an all-ages comic. It’s fun, silly, and there is something for everyone to enjoy. For fans of the game, this is truly a treat. It’s kind of a trip to see how far this game has come since 2009. It’s so beloved by many and gosh darn it, the zombies are adorable!

Plus the little strips at the end are so sweet. The one about Pokey really tugged at my heartstrings. Curse you Zomboss!



Plants vs. Zombies:Bully For You #1 is available now at your local comic book retailer.


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