DeathStroke Volume 1: Gods of Wars is Chaotic Fun


Deathstroke Volume 1: Gods of War CoverDeathStroke Volume 1: Gods of Wars (Issues 1-6)
Written by Tony S. Daniel
Art by Tony S. Daniel<
Inks by Sandu Florea
Letters by Rob Leigh
Available NOW!

The Arrow series was my first indoctrination to Slade Wilson and it was love at first sight. I was beyond stoked when I saw that DeathStroke Volume 1: Gods of Wars was coming out soon because I missed having him in my life. I was sadly let down in the first part of the series, because it just jumped around so much and I had no idea what was going on. I don’t know how many times I kept flipping back through the pages, thinking that I had missed something earlier. Things were just not connecting and making sense, which made it painful to get into. I also wish I had a little more understanding of how Slade Wilson became to be or anything more on his history. This plot line is completely different then what I know from Arrow. I welcome to learn all sides of Slade, but without a little of his history, the rest of the plot fell flat.<

It wasn’t until the middle, when a few things started to piece together, that I was slowly feeling more connected with the concept. However, I was still riddled with hundreds of questions and there are no answers in sight. This is where the little big of his history would greatly be beneficial.  By the last two issues, I was hooked. It never hurts to throw in Harley Quinn and good old Batman. I loved the connection between Deathstroke: Gods of Wars and New Suicide Squad. It wasn’t until we panned over to Gotham and Harley was harping on what Slade did to the group, that I knew what was going on.<

The best part about this volume was issue 5, “Deathstroke vs Batman.” I loved everything about it. From the art, plot, Harley Quinn in general, and even just the stance that Batman enters in with. I was delighted like a little school girl on her birthday. It feels as if Slade’s trip to Gotham is the much needed turning point DeathStroke: Gods of War needed to keep the audience interested. DC’s Deathstroke: Gods of War issues 7 just hit stores in June, so Volume 1 is the best way to catch up quickly and jump on the slightly chaotic train that is this series

Deathstroke: Gods of Wars vol. 1 is available now. Look for it on Amazon


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