Leprecon 2015: Celebrating 32 Years of Conventions in Arizona


Leprecon 41
Leprecon is an old timer among comic/sci-fi conventions in Arizona. In fact, it’s so established that the company (Leprecon Inc.) hosts conventions in Arizona anywhere from two to three times annually! The 41st Leprecon being hosted by the Phoenix Embassy Suites June 25th – 28th, marks Leprecon’s 32nd year! To celebrate this occasion the Leprecon team has come up with a unique theme for their newest event: Back to the Future! Here is the run down of what to expect at this event…

Guests of Honor
Leprecon 41 has invited only the best for 2015! They kick off their event with a performance by the radical Harp Twins (Camille and Kennerly Kitt). These two musicians are carving a path through history with their unique take on a duet. Instead of using their voices or traditional string/breath instruments they have selected the Harp as their tool of choice. After you’ve heard their melodic rhapsody take a stroll over to the panel rooms and enjoy presentations from…

  1. Larry Hama: An established writer, author and cartoonist – there is little that this honored veteran can’t tackle in the artistic world!
  2. Jennifer Brozek: Jennifer has a passion for storytelling and it shows through in her accomplishments, from gaming to literary editing Jennifer is a creative powerhouse of the modern world.
  3. Victor Moreno: Known for his talented branding strategies and ability to use the power of social media, Victor has become a household name for those in the music industry; with names like Led Zeppelin, the WB and Paramount under his belt it’s no wonder he is so readily sought out by artists and conventions alike!
  4. Dayton Ward: Author of such titles as “Star Trek: Seekers” and “Star Trek Vanguard”, Dayton is a trekkies dream guest. If you want to live long and prosper, be sure to give this guy your support at Leprecon this year.
  5. David Gerrold: David is heralded for his work on screenplays and scripts which focus on sci-fi themes. He has worked on titles such as: Land of the Lost, The Twilight Zone, Babylon 5, Tales from the Darkside and much, much more! David is an award winning author as well having received accolades on his book “The Trouble with Tribbles” while still working on his undergraduate degree.

If you are not interested in the guests Leprecon has to offer there is a plethora of programming available HERE.

What about cosplay? Is cosplay acceptable at this convention? Of COURSE! Not only are cosplayers welcome but there is a masquerade held on Saturday night (the third day of con) which is dedicated to helping cosplayers display their creative efforts. If you are interested in participating in that masquerade check out Leprecon’s Masquerade Registration page. If the masquerade does not interest you there are panels that focus on costuming available as well.

For those who enjoy outdoor events Leprecon is not your event. Seeing as to how it’s the middle of summer in Arizona, most conventions and events will be held indoors. You may see a few comic/sci-fi related cars on display and/or a few cosplay groups out for photoshoots however; Leprecon does not boast a large selection of outdoor events.

So, has Leprecon caught your attention? If so, come say hi to FanGirl Nation. Sam will be wandering about with an FGN namebadge on and taking pictures at this event. If you haven’t purchased your event badge(s) yet be sure to do so HERE. See you at Leprecon 41!



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