Orphan Black #4: Cosima Gets a Turn in the Clone Club Spotlight


OB04_cvrHaving shown readers more of Sarah, Helena, and Alison, Orphan Black #4 focuses on Clone Club favorite Cosima Niehaus. Following the style of the previous comics, we see scenes from the show from new angles with an internal monologue alongside new scenes that reveal more of the picture.

While the comic centers around Cosima, the main focus of the comic seems to be Emi, Cosima’s handler from Berkeley. When Cosima moves to Minnesota, she breaks it off with Emi which should signal the end of Emi’s contract with Dyad. Emi has other plans. Emi goes a little stalker ex-girlfriend, makes things awkward with Cosima’s new monitor (Delphine Cormier), and there is a special appearance from Paul.

The art style is consistent with previous comics featuring a color palette that brings the dark feel of the television series to the page. Cosima’s inner monologue bubbles are white text on a blue background that brings Doogie Howser’s computer diary to mind. Emi’s character design is somewhat similar to a Neolutionist that is seen in season one.

Fans of the show may be disappointed by how little of Cosima is revealed in the story, but there is definitely enough here (meetings with Beth, scenes with Dr. Leekie) to make this a very interesting addition to the Orphan Black universe. With the series having reached its season 3 conclusion, the comic is going to be a good way to scratch that itch until everyone’s favorite clones return. Next issue gives readers a little more on Rachel.


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