Rasputin #6


Rasputin06_CoverARasputin is no longer under the employ of the Romanovs’, but now a PR manager in the modern age for a female Presidential candidate with the last name Harrison. During a campaign stop, Harrison is shot and her bodyguard is wounded. Rasputin makes it to her side and brings her back, claiming the bodyguard is a hero. He has a brief flashback to time on the battlefield where he accidentally brought back the ghost of a child while returning to life. Back in his apartment, all seems to be going to plan until a reporter lets Rasputin know she recorded the whole resurrection of Harrison.

The Rasputin comic is taking an interesting turn with the Harrison story. While a resurrected Harrison quickly asks  if he in fact resurrected her, she is quick to point out that she does not want that treatment. The art continues to be the strongest part of the Rasputin comics. The blues and grays of the past are deeply contrasted with the bright coloration of the modern story line.

Rasputin #6 is available from Image Comics now.


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