Broadchurch Season 2 Now Available on DVD and BluRay


broadchurch2dvd_1Broadchurch Season 2 was a gut stab, as we’ve said before. If you wanted all the feelings of watching several families fall apart due to a murder investigation and then stir in an additional murder investigation on top, Broadchurch Season 2 was there to help you out like a very cruel former friend.

For the unninitiated, Broadchurch is the story of a small seaside town that is turned upside-down when a young boy is found murdered. In Season 2, the accused killer goes to trial and our initial investigators, Detective Inspector Alex Hardy (David Tennant) and Detective Sargent Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), investigate another murder that has plagued Hardy since the beginning of their partnership.

What is most stunning about this series is that it became a national obsession in the UK. The cast were sworn to secrecy about the identity of the ┬ákiller and people rushed home to watch the show en mass. For the older folks in the audience, think of it as “Who Shot J.R,” when Dallas was on the air.

If you’ve already watched Broadchurch Season 2, the special features definitely make the tangible disc set worth owning. In the deleted scenes, we see Olivia Colman and Eve Myles beating up to drunk women who try to steal their cab during a scene after a night on the town. The scene is less violent than it is funny, as Olivia Colman’s character is known for her sheer determination to keep a stiff upper lip and not show too much of her emotion publicly.

Fans of David Tennant will enjoy the special features as well, seeing as there are many interviews with him and Olivia Colman regarding the show. Just be warned, his neckbeard is highly prevalent.

Broadchurch Season 2 is now available from the BBC Store.




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