Hello Sweetie….Big Finish Audio Releases Amazing News for River Song Fans


diary_cover_mediumRiver Song is possibly my favorite character ever to come to Doctor Who. It’s not a real secret, as I’ve cosplayed her multiple times and sobbed when actress Alex Kingston had to do a last minute cancellation for her appearance at Gallifrey One.  It’s also no secret that Big Finish Audio has lovingly created stories that fit into television cannon for deeply loved shows like Doctor Who and Dark Shadows.

This means I immediately ran to find my modified sonic screwdriver, grey dress and vortex manipulator when Big Finish sent an announcement that River Song’s Diary is coming to their wide collection of Doctor Who Audio. Though there is no official release date as of yet, the audio cast has been announced as Alex Kingston (River Song), Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor), Alexander Vlahos and Samuel West. The audio carries a hefty price tag of around 31.49$ for the hard disk and 20$ for the digital version once the exchange rate comes through, but this preorder price is likely cheaper than what the final version would cost.

Big Finish Audio is taking preorders now at: http://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/the-diary-of-river-song-1313?range=113

Oh, and Big Finish? Thank you so much. What type of cookies are your favorite because I need to send some to you immediately.


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