Lammily: Average is Adventurous!


Since I last wrote about Lammily, creative people have had time to work on clothing and accessories for this “average doll.” She can now dress stylishly while piloting an X-Wing, take a zipline from one place to another, or jump out of an airplane with her very own parachute. Although there are fewer patterns online than I had anticipated, there is a good subset of etsy shops catering to Lammily’s wardrobe needs.

Lammily has Adventures

Lammily TV, her official channel, has the most adventurous set of directions:

How to make an X-Wing for Lammily:

That’s one eclectic set of materials! They should all be easy to get hold of, though, and the design looks relatively easy to follow. That is, the instructions are clear, but you need to be handy with a glue gun.

How to make the suit to go with it:

Personally, I would rather sew the suit than glue it, but then, I prefer needle and thread to glue when given a choice. Not everyone feels the same way. The results are certainly impressive.

Lammily’s channel has instructions for creating a zipline, making a parachute (printable template included), and giving Lammily an Up inspired airship.

Buy Clothes for Lammily

There is still Lammily’s own clothing shop, though there doesn’t seem to be anything new since she first came out.

People on etsy, on the other hand, have been very busy. The below represents only a small sampling of what is available.

Lammily Messenger BagLammily Outfits on etsy has a number of cute clothes, including accessories like this messenger bag.

Lammily Cherry DressDoll Clothesline
carries clothes for both Barbie and Lammily. Lammily clothes include this cute cherry-sprigged dress and matching bag.

Lammily Night on the Town Dress and Shawl from Grama's PassionGrama’s Passion has more handmade Lammily cloths, many of them knitted like this “Night on the town” dress and shawl. There’s some more day-friendly clothing as well.

Lammily Purple Lace Dress from Tina's Tiny CreationsTina’s Tiny Creations gives Lammily the diva look, with dresses like the purple-ruffled creation featured on the left.

Lammily Sleeping bag from JandJBondEnterprisesJandJBondEnterprises offers Lammily some more rugged outdoor gear, like this sleeping bag, a pair of moccasins, and even a kilt.

Lammily-Friendly Clothing to Make or Buy

ScanmanDan on provides a tutorial on making a baseball cap.

“A Day in the Life of My Doll” shows Lammily modeling clothes made for various action figures. The Triad dress and shoes fit her well and some action figure jeans from OJIT. Lammily cannot sit down without unsnapping them, but her own shorts pop open when she sits, so that’s nothing new.

Azpaintedesert_123 has written a short, illustrated article on “Lammily Stuff that DOES fit”, mentioning Ken doll’s shoes, TY Girlz clothes, and TY Threadz as possibilities.

Rumor has it she can drive Barbie’s car as well. I wonder if she takes it off-roading?

I am still on the lookout for more! Let me know in the comments of any patterns you have found or shops you think should be included.


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