Review: Birthright #8 When it Rains, it Pours


Cover for Birthright #8Well, events just started escalating rather quickly didn’t it?

The hero Mikey has returned from his mysterious time in Terranos, another dimension with adventure, magic, flying humans, and danger. Mikey is now back in the real world as a grown man in his mid twenties covered with battle scars and hell bent on locating wayward wizards.  When he is discovered, his family is contacted by a puzzled police force: Mikey disappeared a year ago, when he was just a little boy.

After the shocking end to Birthright #7 (review here), I was expecting this issue to calm down before the next catastrophe hits. Instead, as if mimicking real life itself, when it rains, it pours.

So many things are happening: Brennan has been shot and is losing a tremendous amount of blood. His life depends on a clueless warrior man-child possessed by an Evil that is whispering him to ditch the brother. The other person trying to save him is the woman who shot him–the one he was flirting with earlier. Majorly awkward but if he makes it through it, it would make a great story.

Rya, Mikey’s flying human companion from Terranos is in hot pursuit of Mikey. There is no question about it now. That baby inside Rya belongs to Mikey. The mother’s journey to find the truth is waylaid as she reads over the journal entries that Mikey brought. It’s a short snippet, but somehow there is a a great potential of sadness or anger or bad-ass Mommy power about to roll out.

The end of the issue brings back the bear that Mikey killed as lesson to Brennan during their trip through the woods. It turns out there was more to that scene than just showcasing Mikey’s character change and brutal nature.

The last page alone can be only be described as strange, odd, beautiful, and full of gore. The artwork is literally out of this world. Having those bumpkins transformed using the landscape around them is eerie. It also presents a really crucial dilemma for our “hero”.

There is no doubt now that Mikey is in the thralls of the Evil from Terrenos. The motivations or reasons behind the thrall is not known yet but one thing is for sure: there is a small shred of Mikey still struggling against the evil. The dilemma now lies between choosing to continue to fight and be a part of Terrenos or will he do whatever it takes to come back to reality and save his brother?

Either way, the Evil inside of him is straining to get out. By the end of the comic, those don’t seem to be veins throbbing in his neck. Mikey’s also slipping on controlling those red eyes.

Another interesting question arises during all this turmoil and adventure: how did Rya arrive in our world? Did she have to sacrifice something to come through or did she follow the “weird smell” that Mikey’s sword leaves behind? If it was the latter, then it seems pretty durn easy to come into this world. If it was so easy then why didn’t Mikey come on through?There also seems to be a huge time distortion splitting the worlds so there must be some sort way to transport Rya to the correct time line. She could have easily flew on years after Mikey had returned.

My absolute favorite panel in the comic is when the pilot notices that Rya is pregnant. Sweet and funny.

By the way, who is Zoshanna? If Rya doesn’t like her, then my suspicion is drawn.

Things are culminating and disintegrating at the same time. How can I possibly wait for the next issue?! One moment I thought the story was going one way for sure and then foom! A new element has arrived to shake things up.

Birthright #8 is available now at your local comic book retailer


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