Mistress of Death Review: ‘Chronicles of the Unexplained’


cover61958-mediumChronicles of the  Unexplained by Gary Gillespie is both a collection of tales of hauntings, as well as a discussion of a very personal interaction for Gillespie himself. After moving into a low-cost home, Gillespie’s family began to complain about creepy occurrences in the home. Gillespie was out on the road a great deal, and so didn’t initially didn’t experiences the same frightening situations until later.  After having his own experience, Gillespie gathered the stories of various other people and their interactions with the supernatural.

Gillespie is a talented story teller and as such, the stories flow in a way that are fun to read, even as one is frightened. His book also works as a tool of caution for those who are deeply interested in the supernatural. The most powerful tale is, of course, Gillespie’s own. This book is most definitely worth reading if you love a good ghost story.

Chronicles of the Unexplained is available from Llewellyn Books July 8, 2015. Look for it on Amazon and on Powell’s


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