Mistress of Death: ‘Haunted Plantations of the South’


cover60443-mediumOne of the creepiest sights remaining from the era of the American Civil War are the elaborate estates known as plantations. In Richard Southall’s new book, Haunted Plantations of the South, fans of history and the paranormal are treated to descriptions of plantations and their reputations. Divided by states, this collection includes some well known plantations such as Oaks Alley in Louisiana and others that are supported by states and local preservation societies. Each entry includes a brief description of those who built the estate, the history of the location and the ghost stories that remain today.

Haunted Plantations of the South is a fascinating collection of historical and creepy buildings for those who travel or just want to read a good ghost story. The only thing the book lacks are more images. Though it is already a large collection, more visuals would have made Haunted Plantations of the South a stronger book.

Haunted Plantations of the South is available June 8, 2015 from Llewellyn Press.


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