Mistress of Death: ‘Mabon’ Offers a Deeper Look at a Pagan Holiday


cover61960-mediumMabon is a festival for the mid-harvest. This festival is a time of reflection for the year that has passed and a reminder of the division between light and dark. In the new book, Mabon, author Diana Rajchel details the possible origins of the pagan celebration and how it has impacted modern culture. It tells of modern versions of the celebration as well as spells and rituals for celebrating.

Possibly the most fascinating for someone who does not follow the holiday was the recipes and crafts. The book details the importance of corn dolls and feasting for Mabon, as well as invocations and prayers.

Mabon is first and foremost a guide to the holiday, but it is well written and fascinating for those who follow pagan culture and those who do not at the same time.

Mabon is available July 8, 2015. Look for it on Amazon; on Powell’s


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