Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum is Going to San Diego Comic Con with Big Announcements


photoHollywood Sci-Fi Museum founder Huston Huddleston changed his life when he discovered Star Trek sets lying in the trash. He helped rescue this and many other piece of memorabilia for the upcoming Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum.  Huddleston will bring many of these pieces as well as the Star Trek Captains Chair and the TARDIS from Doctor Who to San Diego Comic Con this week at Booth 4037.

They will also host a panel:

The Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum Panel will be Friday July 10th room 23ABC at 7-8pm. Hosted by founder Huston Huddleston, it will feature updates on the restoration of the Star Trek Enterprise Bridge sets from Star Trek The Original Series and Next Generation, as well as the 2016 temporary exhibit in Los Angeles, just in time for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. Guests will include stars from the Fox animated TV series Futurama, and museum board members who worked on Star Trek.

However fans, it doesn’t stop there. An announcement will also be made regarding the Hollywood Horror Museum for 2018.  This will be the first time the museum will be announced to the public and the board members will be introduced to the public. These names are expected to be legendary names in Horror film and literature.


Make sure to stop by booth 4037 for more details at San Diego Comic Con.


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