Nails By Tasha D- Adding Flare to Nail Art


11667042_10153081306115677_193551872_nLast weekend was Anime Expo and I was getting ready to cosplay my heart out as my favorite pony, Pinkie Pie. Wanting to add a few special touches to an outfit, I’ve used on occasion; I decided what better way then to try out the world of Nail Art. Sure I had tried the tricks to make your nail two colors or marble effect, but I wanted to push the boundaries and really make my nails match Pinkie’s personality. I started my search to see who would be perfect for the job and came across Tasha D. It was her variety of colorful creations that caught my eye on Instagram. Suddenly, I knew she was the only that would understand what I was looking for and I was not disappointed.

11714541_10153081306135677_1276638048_nHer studio is in Fullerton off of Euclid and Valencia, decorated with bright colors that instantly fills you with a warm inviting feeling.11713503_10153081306145677_94952089_n The range of nerdy decorations, caters to many different realms of geekdom. Her personality is sweet and bubbly. Not to mention she is quick to jump on any idea you might have  for your nails, while adding extra flare you didn’t know you needed. It’s funny to think someone so amazing, didn’t even want to get into nails when she started. It just goes to show you, our talents/joys (just like cutie marks) are the things sometimes we least expect.

If you are in the area and looking to add a little more detail to your cosplay or wanting to rock your fandom on a daily basis, then Tasha D. is the girl for you. The best way to schedule an appointment is through this website. One of the things I thought amazing (besides her pricing), was the fact that she rewards loyal customers. Here are some of the amazing creations she has done so far! You can find all her creations once again on her Instagram! (Check above for link.)



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