‘Oddly Normal’ Issue #8 Connects Kindred Spirits


OddlyNormal08_CoverAOddly is doing her best to make her time in Fignation useful. With three new friends- Ragnar, Reggie and Misty- Oddly takes off for the weekend to take a break from the mystery of her missing parents. Ragnar shows Oddly his underground lab, as well as explains the origins of his brother Reggie. Misty, the ghost, hides out with the other two in the underground lab as her ghost culture does not allow her to dance and it is her favorite thing. They are all fascinated by Oddly’s dance moves.

Oddly Normal continues to be one of those cute guilty pleasure comics that I can’t get enough of. While the intended audience seems to be younger viewers, the older comic fans may like a break from all the doom and gloom of other comics. I mean, where else can we find a ghost, a reanimated corpse and an Igor-like boy all fascinated by the “Hokey-Pokey?”

Oddly Normal #8 is now available from Image Comics.


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