Swords of Sorrow #3 The Gang’s All Here–Almost


Swords of Sorrow #3 Cover A by LotaySwords of Sorrow #3 sees almost the entire cast gathered together, first to steal a gem, and then to help one another. Gail Simone also reveals the mysterious Prince’s name and a part of his reason for tearing the worlds apart. It is full of action and repartee as everyone meets, sorts out who is on whose side, and enters the fray.

Gail Simone is, as ever, enjoying her characters’ ability to snark at one another. Miss Fury and the Black Sparrow get to exchange some banter before the fight really gets going. It is clear here that they are friends and are enjoying teasing one another.

Sergio Davila has the job of creating several large-scale fight scenes, everything from a crowd in a theater to a full-on brawl outside. His portrayal of Dracula as a strong, heroic prince sending aid to the heroes is notable. We’re seeing the vampire as he would see himself. There is also a lovely scene with all the heroines gathered together—all the heroines, that is, except the three generals. They’re still working on that.

The main Swords of Sorrow storyline is full of flair and fun. I am having some difficulty, however, figuring out where the different side-arcs are fitting in time-wise. This appears to be taking place after the Black Sparrow & Lady Zorro special, which leaves their escape from the nightmare dimension and separation from one another unexplained. I think the crossover could do with a list to sort out the order of events. Not that this is unique to The Swords of Sorrow; almost every crossover hits the point where readers need a little help figuring out what happens when. Sadly, Dynamite is not providing one in this case.

Has anyone else charted things out?


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