‘Vampirella/Army of Darkness #1’: Ash Gets Sexist, Vampirella Gets Hungry


VampiAOD01-Cov-A-SeeleyDeep in the halls of a Medieval kingdom, Ash enjoys his role as the chosen one. He eats, drinks and hits on his lady. However, as night draws to a close and Ash and his lady are fighting, fellow fighter Benjamin is found dead in the halls. Ash goes to investigate a midnight snack and runs into Vampirella, who is looking to grab a midnight snack of her own.

As Vampirella’s current run and Army of Darkness are two of my favorite things, I figured I’d love this comic; boy, was I wrong. Within the first few pages, Ash smacks his girlfriend’s butt in front of a bunch of guys and they discuss women’s body types. A few pages later in private, she discusses her frustration with his actions and he shrugs her off and acts like she’s being too touchy. Move forward a few pages later and he’s comparing her to the deadites, but says she’s worse because she’s moody. No, Ash; you’re in fact being a total as*hole. Possibly the only satisfying moment of this comic is when Vampirella takes vampire form and threatens him on the very last page. While it seems like they are trying to build a base for the Ash character, they’ve got his characterization wrong. Sure, Ash says some stupid stuff about the ladies and isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, but he’s usually not just a sexist jerk to be a jerk. Likewise, Vampirella is not just an eating machine and I would have loved to see more of her than just a couple shots as we go into the end of issue one.

I put this book down with palatable disappointment. I’ve gotten used to a smarter breed of Vampirella thanks to Nancy A Collins, and let’s face it there are much better version of Ash and the Army of Darkness from the same publisher as well.  How about a little less butt smacking and a little more butt kicking?

Vampirella/Army of Darkness is now available from Dynamite.


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