NYAFF 2015: Twenty


This is my second viewing of Twenty, which I watched at a local CGV theater. I had been aching to watch Twenty because it stars mega Korean drama (a.k.a kdrama) star, Kim Woo Bin.

Kim Woo Bin was the breakout star from the kdrama, Heirs.. This was a serious surprise since was co-starring across Lee Min Ho- the kdrama star of all time. For this series to contain two hot male leads, well, the show easily became popular. Kim Woo Bin has continued to his fame by starring in two popular movies, The Producers and Twenty.

Twenty truly catered to Kim Woo Bin’s goofy, comedic side. His two costars added energy to Woo Bin’s energetic performance.

Bonded by being dissed by a mutual female interest, three boys became fast friends, united by their love of the female body and utter inability to actually be with a female. Now that all three are twenty year old men, they are at the divide of growing from being boys to becoming men. Everyone likes to think fondly of their twenties but we all know we did stupid things. And these boys do really stupid things. To be honest, these guys are idiotic jerks. Very entertaining idiotic jerks.

The film is raunchy, funny, and hits home. It captures the frustration of being told to grow up but not really being willing to do so. It also catches the frustration of not being able to do much at all, whether through being limited by finances or just willpower.

It was a satisfying watch at CGV and watching it again reaffirms that enjoyment. If you cannot catch this movie in theaters, then suggest heading on over to dramafever.com and seeing it there. Although you can’t beat watching the crazy restaurant scene on the big screen. Un-freaking believable!



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