Live Action Riverdale to Air on the CW


Riverdale Concept art for the CW

You read that right. There will be a live-action Riverdale, as in Riverdale-from-Archie comics, and it will be airing on the CW. Archie Comics released details at SDCC 2015 (Where else is all the news coming from this weekend?). Riverdale is described as “a dark, twisty, one-hour drama” based on Archie and its characters. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the man responsible for Afterlife with Archie and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is writing the pilot. This plus the CW home explains the “dark, twisty” descriptors.

Fans of twisted and turned-inside-out retellings are likely to enjoy a less brightly-colored look at the town. Those who love the comic as-is may be a bit bewildered—and, yes, FangirlNation acknowledges that there are people likely to enjoy both versions. We have a couple of them on staff.


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