Meet the Super Hero Girls


Bumblebee from Super Hero Girls

Bubbly Outgoing Scientific Genius

This spring, Warner Bros and DC Comics unveiled a plan to start a cross-media lineup of superhero-girls: Toys, books, Legos, and shows aimed at girls 6-12 and giving them superheroes and super-villains

They have now unveiled the Super Hero Girls website, giving brief profiles of the girls who will be attending Super-hero High and learning how to handle their powers while taking classes and making friends. The girls are given portraits, drawn in a quirky style, and brief biographies and lists of character qualities. Personality-wise, they seem to run the gambit, from Poison Ivy who is tagged as “genius, shy, awkward” and described as being more at home with plants than people to Wonder Woman “leader, courageous, competitive” and the “glue that holds her team together.” It looks like a promising line-up that will give girls a sense that there are multiple good ways to approach life and more than one way to be super. It will definitely vary the toy aisles and do something toward rectifying the scarcity of action figures for girls.

What do you think? Got a superhero or villain you’d like to see on the lineup? Got girls you plan on watching with?


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