Neal McDonough Joins the Arrow Cast as Damien Darhk in Season Four


Damien Darhk Arrow's Newest FoeDamien Darhk (with an “h”) from DC Comics.[/caption]Because Oliver Quinn could always use more trouble in his life, the next season of Arrow will see Damien Darhk added to the roster of villains. Once an ally and then an enemy of Ra’s Al Ghul, Darhk has his own organization and goals. He will prove to be a regular thorn in the side of Arrow and his team.

Damien Darhk will be played by Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers, Justified, Captain America: The First Avenger) will join Arrow as a series regular for season four. There are suggestions that he will prove even more troublesome than the (as far as anyone knows now) late, unlamented Ra’s Al Ghul.


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