‘Sherlock’ Special Releases First Clip at San Diego Comic Con


Sherlock Vicky Time

Finally, we can put down the violin.  The BBC is starting to show us some mercy.

San Diego Comic Con has arrived and that means all sorts of juicy tidbits for all the starving nerds out there.  And that does not exclude everyone’s most beloved sociopath, Sherlock Holmes.

On Thursday, fans of the hit show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman got a double feature.  After revealing a new promo picture for the Victorian-themed special episode due out this holiday season, the world was then treated to the first clip of the show.

The episode will bring Sherlock and company into their homebase of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved era, complete with dapper suits, propriety and impressive facial hair that would put modern-day hipsters to shame.  Gone is the harsh, cold computer that is Cumberbatch’s usual performance, instead relaxing into the original brilliant detective of old.  Basil Rathbone would be proud.

And of course he would be nothing if not with his trusty wingman John Watson, which Freeman plays with obvious relish and ease.  Everything we love of the current show is there, banter and all, but with a crisp flair that conveys both creators’ Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ appreciation of the classic stories.

Although we have yet to get confirmation on an airdate, hopefully fans of the hit show will be rewarded for their patience this weekend in San Diego.  Nevertheless, at least they have gotten a little something to whet their whistle until we know when to expect the daring duo to return.

Check out the exclusive clip below:



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