The First Trailer for The Shannara Chronicles from SDCC 2015


Finally, we get our first good look at The Shannara Chronicles!

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It is fast-moving, so there’s no chance to get a really good look at any one thing, but the scenes look to be from almost all the way through the series, giving a great overview of the Four Lands. It’s New Zealand, so of course there are beautiful vistas. There is also a good, clear shot of the Ellcrys at a point where it is still looking healthy. I’d say they’ve done a great job on her. Love the shot of Artaq rearing there as well.

Also, we now know the series will air in January, though there is no precise date. Guess they’ll tease us about that for a little while longer.

What about you: Do you have a favorite scene from this trailer? Got one you hope to see when The Shannara Chronicles airs?


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